Daniel Jean Richard

Published: 28th November 2008
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Daniel Jean Richard Watches are perhaps the newest brand to hit the market. They are definitely watch manufacturers that offer sophistication and elegance, a unique fit into the marketplace. The company is gaining much acclaim for the quality and design of their watches. Daniel Jean Richard is definitely a name that will continue to play an important role in the future of watch design, as it offers a beautiful design and intimate details that make it a sexy, luxuriously looking addition to any wardrobe.

Daniel Jean Richard is a manufacturer located in La Chaux des Fonds, Switzerland. The company is part of the independent Sowind Group. In addition to producing the watches from this line, Sowind Group also produces watches by well-known Girard Perreqaux. You will also find Haute Horlogerie wathes are part of this line as well.

One of the unique aspects of Daniel Jean Richard watches is that they are named after the watchmaker Daniel Jeanrichard. He is well known as one of the most amazing, old world watch makers, a name known in most history books as one of the great proportions. Many of Daniel Jeanrichard's work is located in museums around the world. He was born in 1665. One of the best museums to learn about him and his work is in a museum boasting his own name, Daniel JeanRichard Museum in Tal La Sagne. Because of this man's unique ability to craft very accurate and sophisticated watches for his time, he has been labeled as one of the most famous and historical figures in watch making history. It makes sense that the current Daniel Jean Richard watches would be named after someone so essential to the industry.

The watches offered today in the Daniel Jean Richard line are fantastic examples of high quality and well fitting for their name. Today, Massimo Macaluso, who is a mere 29 years old, manages the company and although his age is young, his still is fantastic.

The company's watch lines offer many of the features that the consumer is looking for today. Many of the watches offered by this manufacturer offer a unique design, specifically one that is clean, modern and very accurate. The company recently announced the development of JR1000. This new watch movement is so perfectly designed that it gives perhaps the most perfect watch movement possible.

In the Daniel Jean Richard line of watches, you will find unique styles and sophistications to fit virtually any need. This includes watch lines like: TV Screen Fantasy, Diverscope, Concept, TV Screen, Paramount, Bressels and Chronoscope, to name a few.

While Daniel Jean Richard watches are designed by a company that is new to the market, the company has already made a significant impression on the marketplace for the quality, precision and the unique style of their pieces.

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